Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS conversion services

  • Part features
  • Sheet metal Features
  • Components in assemblies will be positioned correctly
  • Assembly constraints (Constraints may not be 100% similar but assemblies converted will be fully constrained)
  • Solid Edge assembly configurations are converted to SOLIDWORKS display states
  • Solid Edge assembly explosions are converted to SOLIDWORKS explosions (Explosions are created that are required for drawings. Others will be created based on requirement)
  • Family of assemblies
  • Family of parts
  • Drawings will be converted with associativity to 3D models
  • Drawing sheets
  • Drawing views
  • Dimensions are converted
  • All other annotations are also converted. Grouping information is not obtained

We provide this conversion as service. Service works as follows

  • Solid Edge files are provided as input
  • Automatic conversion to SOLIDWORKS is done
  • Manual checking and correction of missing features
  • Final QC of converted SOLIDWORKS files
  • Final converted SOLIDWORKS files are delivered back

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