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There is no software to download or install. Every user in the world works on the same version of CAD data

High Performance

Beautiful butter smooth scrolling effect makes your slider stand out.

Even on entry-level computers, phones and tablets

Desktop CAD uses 4 or 8 cores in the desktop computer.Onshape uses thousands of cores in the Onshape Cloud

Reusability is in-built

Thus increasing efficiency

Reuse same sketch in more than one model

Helps avoiding copy pasting of features and fixing the relationships
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CAD conversion


Do you know that approximately upto 85% of CAD Conversion can be automated using API? Almost all CAD softwares( like SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, NX, ProE, CATIA, Inventor ) come with API. Using this API data can be automatically exported from CAD data and this can be used to create data automatically in target CAD system

Following are salient features of our work

  • Automate CAD Conversion as much as possible
  • Customize target data to suit business needs
  • Post conversion help
  • Clean up of converted data using low cost resources to save money in manual work
  • Automatically import converted data into target PDM\PLM systems

Solid Edge drawing to SOLIDWORKS drawing using STEP,IGES,Parasolid

March 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Conversion of associative drawings from Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS using non-parametric 3D models Sometimes 3D models are converted from Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS using non-parametric file types like STEP. Our [...]

Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS Conversion services

March 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Solid Edge to SOLIDWORKS conversion services Part features Sheet metal Features Components in assemblies will be positioned correctly Assembly constraints (Constraints may not be 100% similar but assemblies converted will [...]

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